Supercharge your CX team.

Reduce Average Handle Time by up to 25% and empower your agents to solve more customer problems.

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Faster average handle time


Hours Saved Per Agent Monthly


Reduced Onboarding Time

Simplify your CX processes with Luminai

From shortcuts that can save seconds at a time, to cumbersome manual processes that take hours, we can automate it all with no engineering support.

Refund processing

Minimize manual work for agents when dealing with refunds, discounts, order cancellations, shipping labels, and more.

Manual data entry and transfer

Pre-fill forms, enter large volumes of data, or copy and paste data across spreadsheets and systems - all with no errors.

Rules-based adjudication

Speed up approvals for customer requests, underwriting for credit/financing applications, dispute resolution and more

Quick actions and shortcuts

Build custom shortcuts to speed up daily routine tasks and pull in data from disparate systems in one place to help your agents fly through their queues

Automation that goes beyond efficiency

No more human error

Remove the human error while enhancing the human experience for your customers

Faster onboarding and time to proficiency

Fewer manual processes means fewer things for agents to learn and master and a faster time to proficiency in solving customer issues

Less burnout and attrition, happier agents

Boost engagement by helping your agents spend more time with customers and less time on mentally draining tasks

Powering high-growth teams at companies you love.