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Luminai eliminates manual, repetitive work that drains your team and your budget, so your people can do their best work

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Helping support agents at world-class companies get more done in less time

How Luminai works

See how Luminai reduced an 8-minute 4-system manual process to less than 30 seconds.

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Record a video of the workflow you'd like to automate

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Watch your budget shrink and your team shine!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who is Luminai for?

Luminai is for anyone who wants to eliminate manual, repetitive processes from their work. Our focus today is on serving customer-facing teams at rapidly growing companies like Whatnot, Ōura Ring, Strava, and more.

If you deal with a significant volume of customer inquiries and find yourself/your teams doing a lot of repetitive tasks, let’s chat!

What kinds of processes can Luminai automate?

Any process that requires multiple steps and takes up a person’s time.Luminai adds the most value for teams who deal with repetitive, manual processes that take multiple steps.

We shine when these processes involve many systems.We’ve helped teams with everything from simple data capture and entry across systems to complex 10+ minute processes across 5+ systems, and everything in between!

What does implementation look like?

To give you an accurate timeline on implementation, we’ll need to understand your needs better. Let’s chat!

How much does Luminai cost?

To give you an accurate estimate on costs, we’ll need to understand your needs better. Let’s chat!

How do I get started?

Luminai can be up and running in as little as 2 weeks!

Our process includes understanding your needs, shadowing / reviewing processes you want to automate with you, then building automations for your team.To get started, let’s chat!

“Luminai has played an essential role in our everyday work flows, streamlining processes, reducing time spent on tickets, and contributing to our amazing customer support.”
- Kaitlyn Montano, Support Lead, Whatnot
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