Luminai, Formerly DigitalBrain, Raises $16M Series A to Automate and Simplify Enterprise Work

Kesava Kirupa Dinakaran
June 9, 2022

Today we’re thrilled to announce Luminai’s $16 million Series-A led by General Catalyst to propel the future of eliminating metawork through workflow automation.

We’re coming out of stealth today and launching LuminaiCX – a workflow automation tool for customer support and customer experience teams. We’ve been hard at work building a platform that unifies all of your applications so knowledge teams don’t have to be performing repetitive, manual workflows to find information to do their jobs. Instead of wasting time clicking, tabbing, copying and pasting over and over again, teams can focus on creative work. Exactly like the jobs they signed up for.

This comes at a time when everything has fundamentally changed. Workplaces everywhere are dealing with both changing market dynamics and an influx of SaaS applications. Having a multitude of SaaS applications has created silos that limit the success of each application and create diminishing returns. Paired with a rising need to scrutinize and tighten operating budgets, companies need to become leaner and more efficient.

Luminai helps organizations transform time-consuming, repetitive processes into no-code automated and instantaneous workflows, ultimately saving them significant time and resources, and enabling them to better serve their customers.

Luminai is a background layer that helps connect all SaaS applications, serving as an operating system and preventing teams from having to tab between a dozen applications to execute one action. Luminai uses a recorded video of the workflow and automates the task on the backend, generating a script that integrates it seamlessly into the primary workspace. To date, the company has worked with current customers to reduce their average handle time by 16%, decrease customer service agent onboarding time by 60% and save over 25 hours a month per agent. This intelligent automation can reduce a 100-person team’s spend by greater than $75,000 per month.

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